3 Of The Best Things About Country Life

He lives in a house in the country

What do you think of when you think about “Living in the country”?

Some people might say “oh it’s a great life”. Some people will still swear by the city life but these people have probably never been in the countryside much or can’t see the positives of a country life.

There are just some things in the country life that the city life can’t provide. I’ve listed just three of these things below, maybe it will entice you over to the country-side!

  1. Theres more peace and quiet

If you’re someone who has made the switch from the city life over tot he country life, one of the first things that you will notice is the beautiful quietness the country offers. You won’t hear but the odd car passing by, or the refuse collection truck coming to wake you at 5 am either.

You won’t need to worry about noisy neighbors loudly blaring their music too loud or city traffic outside your bedroom window. The serenity of the country life is often about what can be heard in place of the city noise.

Think of the rain beating off your roof during the night, or the little birds singing early in the morning. Or imagine the cows mooing away on the green pastures. These are the priceless sounds of nature, so peaceful to the countryside.

  1. Friendly neighbors

You mightn’t know your neighbors, simply by living in the countryside. Although, country communities do tend to be closely knit. There is a sense that people are more reliant on each other more so than people of the city stock.

Part of this is because shops and amenities might be many miles away so it’s better if people help each other out where possible as the might need the favour returned someday.

You might need a carton of milk or a couple of tea bags for the night. Lending a hand will give you that good karma and builds trust among the country folk.

  1. A slower pace of life

Although it may appear at times that farmers and country folk are always working, out on the pastures, cleaning out animal sheds, or driving machinery around the place, country life is often at a slower pace than you would imagine.

But don’t get me wrong, this is by no means saying that the countryside people are lazy or do less work. It simply means that they don’t allow the fast paced, distracting life of the rat race bog them down.

So ask yourself this

Are you tired of the rat race and all of it’s materialistic trappings?

Do you want to feel part of a great community?

Do you want to enjoy life more and be at one with nature?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then a life in the countryside is for you. Make the move!