Farmhouse Motif Experiences an Increase

If you look back throughout history, there have been many different housing trends. People have adjusted their home style to fit their way of living at that time. The exception is today’s world in which we seem to be taking a look back at “simpler” times. It is shown most in how we are seeing a trend of farmhouse motif increasing straight across the board and in areas all around the United States.

A Journey Throughout Housing History

Just looking at home history since the 60s, we have seen a variety of different trends. The 60s were a time of ranch homes, which are still undeniably popular. These homes can have split levels or multilevel.

In the 70s, we chose homes that would offer multiple levels. The Raised Ranch style home, as well as apartment-style homes, gained popularity.

The 80s were the perfect counter to the large 70-style home. Some people focused more on the idea of “less is more” and chose to own small condos. Others wanted massive homes with family rooms and more than enough space for the people in their family.

This flowed into the 90s when every home had at least two stories and a basement for extra space. Master bedrooms were massive in size as well.

The early 2000s focused on doing more with less area. Open concept homes that were smaller were the preferred style of choice.

In today’s world, we have seen homes continue to get smaller. Think of tiny homes and how many people dream of owning a home that can fit on a small trailer or be towed by a pickup. Then you also have the other side of it. People that enjoy both big and small tend to enjoy farmhouse sinks, wooden cabinetry, and more “rustic appeal.”

Rustic Beauty, Simple Style

One of the biggest things about rustic style furniture is its design. It is designed to be “natural”. If there is paint, it is earth tone colors and often scuffed as though it has been there for years. Beyond that, you have the farmhouse doorways, sinks, and tables. The more wood you have, the more rustic it appears, the happier most people are with the end result.

One of the most popular techniques for working with rustic furniture is the use of liquid glass for table top and bar tops. This allows people to put a protective layer of beautiful, natural wood. It brings out the color in the grain and allows fantastic wood pieces to be used in all areas of the home without worry.

Creating Farmhouse Decor is Fun

Anytime you create something, you will be happier with the final product. By creating with the idea of rustic charm, you can broaden your horizons and take creativity to the next level. This includes creating wooden countertops, tables, coffee tables with photographs or keepsakes encapsulated, river tables, and more. It allows you to bring the charm of a wood cabin to your city home if you choose.